Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers (Nagpur)

1969:  Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Association of Engineers Started
VRCE Engineering College, Nagpur.

With vision in mind, to organise and foster a sense of unity and fraternity amongst the persons of backward classes belonging to Engineering profession all over the country and abroad.

1 August  1988, BANAE registered at National Level, as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar National Association of Engineers

Registration No.: M/S/BOM/455/G.B.B.S.D./Dated 1.8.1988 and F12721 Bombay

Sitting L. to R.: 1- R. IL. Kawale (Jt. Secretary), V.B. Choudhari (Pesident), Devendra Walde (Chairman), Vasant Sankale (General Secretary) M. J. Waghmare (Vice-President), P. G. Ghodse (Treasurer)

Standing L. to R.: R. Suresh, V.S. Manthanwar, S.D.Kamble, K.P. Gedam, G.S. Gedam (Members)

Our Mission and Vision

  • To achieve professional excellence.
  • To arrange seminars, Lectures, Exhibitions and film shows.
  • To encourage members to write technical papers on Engineering subjects and arrange a discussion on such subjects among the members.
  • To establish libraries and subscribe for technical literature, journals, periodicals for the benefit of the members to improve and update their technical knowledge in various fields.
  • To establish educational institutions to help the growth of knowledge and sense of fraternity in the society in general.
  • To establish and organise training classes and arrange refresher courses, orientation and acclimatization courses to improve the professional standards and development of personality among workers/members.
  • To obtain help and guidance from a similar organization from the country and abroad.

Grievance Committee

Engineers in service have to face injustice due to late promotions,  inconvenient posting and due to complicated service rules. However Govt. Redressal mechanism is not readily available with the Govt. or is nonresponsive. Under this situation, the Engineers in service feel helpless.  Another important part is that he is not aware of the service rules and various Government Resolution which governance the service matters and needs to be educated.

It is also a matter of concern that many petitions in Court regarding reservation in promotion and related service matters are moved by upper caste persons against the Govt. policies.  However, due to lethargy and irresponsive behaviour of persons handling the matter,  those cases are not pleaded properly. As such it is necessary to intervene the matter so that court decision should not go against us.

Considering all the above aspects a Grievance Committee is formed by the Executive Committee to handle such grievances.

The members are therefore advised to refer their grievances suitably.
There are also similar organisations in this field and  help of them can be also sought if required directly or through Association.

Maharashtra Rajya Magasvargiya Vidyut Karmachari Sangh For redressal of Grievances. A Grievance Committee has been formed by BANAE Executive Committee Nagpur Branch as below. All members of BANAE are requested to refer their Grievances to Grievance Committee
  1. Er. Kuldeep Ramteke:      9130549842
  2. Er. Satish Orke:                9403214170
  3. Er. Bhaskar Khobragade: 9029225337
  4. Er. Naresh Labhane:        9822726778
  5. Er. Suresh Dongre:         9422127135
Members are also Requested to Refer Government Circulares Related to Service Matter, Issued by the General Administrative Department of Government Of Maharastra.

Executive Committee since 1988

YearsPresidentVice PresidentSecretary Joint SecretaryTreasurerInternal AuditerExecutive MemberExecutive MemberExecutive Member
88-89 Meshram P B NAHaste S MNA NA NANANANA
92-94Atey D M Kamble P B Gadekar P GBadawane C E Borghate V B NAMoon B B Nagrale D PJadhav Ashok
94-96Atey D M Shambharkar A NGadekar P GKamble M RBorghate V B Hadke M SMoon B B Kamfade S G Sonkusare R G
96-98Jadhav AshokShambharkar A NMatey M AThoolkar S PHadke M SMoon B B Atey D M Gadekar P GGodghate D M
98-99Matey M ATaksande N V Jadhav AshokThoolkar S PBorghate V B Hadke M SMoon B B Kamfade S G Khobragade P S
99-2000Patil N UTaksande N V Jadhav AshokThoolkar S PBorghate V B Godghate D MNagrale D PMoon B B Khobragade P S
2000-2001Patil N UGodbole H SJadhav AshokThoolkar S PBorghate V B Khobragade P SNagrale D PAtey D M Taksande N V 
2001-2002Patil N UGodbole H SUmre B SThoolkar S PBorghate V B Khobragade P SNagrale D PAtey D M Taksande N V 
2002-2004Patil N UUmre B SPatil V TLawatre K TNitnaware A LGawande P TNagrale D PGajbhiye B SNagrare P K
2004-2006Atey D M Dahiwade S GDeogade P BFusate W LNitnaware A LNagrare P KGhadse M LGhotekar N ZKhobragade P S
2006-2008Choudhary V BKhobragade P SKamble S KBadawane C E Dongre S ABodele S KRamteke R SChahande R S Borghate V B 
2008-2010Matey M ASakhare V GKhobragade P SBadawane C E Nagrare P KGanar H NWasnik GopalKamble BholanathBorghate V B 
2010-2012Borghate V B Khobragade LalitKhobragade P SWasnik GopalNagrare P KRahate R GBorikar O GNehare S RPatil P S
2012-2014Khobragade P SPatil AshokPazare SushantIngle JayantWasnik GopalJanbandhu R WRamteke M R Nehare S RThoolkar S P
2014-2016Talware S KUmre B STaksande N V Wankhede PrafullaJanbandhu R WNakhale NileshIngle JayantKamble NiteshRahate R G
2016-2018Talware S KPrabhakar PatilDr. Manoj RamtekeNilesh NakhaleGopal WasnikPravin JadhavShilpa GanvirVijay DhabardeNilima Dharkar
2018-2020Khobragade P. SRaut Mahendra JanardhanIngle Jayant AmbadasGanvir Shilpa PadmakarWasnik Gopal H.Meshram Sumit MoreshwarKamble Nitesh PadmakarEr. Jayant IngleManwar Dhammanand R.
YearsPresidentVice PresidentSecretary Joint SecretaryTreasurerInternal AuditerExecutive MemberExecutive MemberExecutive Member