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Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Reaserch and Traning Institute (BARTI)

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Reaserch and Traning Institute (BARTI) is an Auto nomous Organisation created by Social Justice and special Assistance Departmant of GOM for upgradation of scheduled caste. The schems that are implemented by BARTI are declared in advance in every year and are published in leading news papers & on Notice board of BARTI’S official website.

The details of main Schemes & Projects implemented by BARTI are

1) Skill Development – Training for aquiring skills required in all Industrial sectors is arranged. to increase the employability

1) Self Employment Training :- For establishing self business.

2) Samta Doot Project :- Young graduates as Samta Doot are appointed and various programmes are Implemented to remove superstition, cast bias, Awareness of Atrocities act, maintain communal hormony etc.

3) Yuva leadership :- Yuva leaders are appointed to promote the sense of leadership amongst young graduates for welfare of society.

4) Taluka Coordinator :- In order to effectively implement the various programmes, schems, projects of social welfare department, young Graduates are oppointed as Taluka Coordinator.

5) Pre Training and Coaching Classes for competitive Examinationes (UPSC & MPSC) :- Residential Coaching classes are run to prepare our students to stand in prestigious competive examinates such as UPSC & MPSC. The study material, books computer facility is provided alongwith residential & food facility by BARTI free of cost.
Those who have passed preliminary Examinations in Civil services, facility of private coaching classes run @ Delhi is made available & all expenses(Residential/ Food etc) are born by BARTI alongwith educational material.

6) Research:- In order to carry out Researches on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar thoughts, BARTI has identified almost 50 areas of Research . The students who are willing to do M Phlil or PhD in these areas are given stipends to the tune of Rs. 25000/- P M during their research period.

7) In order to increase proporation of scheduled caste in the Judges category free & quality coaching is arranged to enable, them compete for judicial services through competitive Exam for fresh law graduates & young lawyers.

8) To increase employability in middle sector, such as clerks in Banks, Air Hostess Flight attendant etc. proper guidance & traing is arranged.

9) Financial Aid to various Computer Courses.

Normaly a Nominal test is conducted to verify the sutability of Candidate for a particular /Course Training and on confirmation, selected candidates are prepared for courses/training under expert Guidance. During Trainig period expenses on Residence, food, study material is born by BARTI or suitable financial assistance in lieu of it, is given.

Similarly to meet the above Functions BARTI also recruits sutable persons such as Divisional Project Director Project Director, Assistant Project Director, Research officer, Samata Doot, Yuva leader, Taluka Coordinator on reasonable Honerarium. The Advertisement for such post is given in leading news papers and website. Some of these posts are also available to the retired Govt. Officers/servants.

The Detailes of BARTI are

Ph. No
28, Queens Garden, Comp Pune-411001

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Dr. Ambedkar Foundation

Dr. Ambedkar foundation is a Autonomation organisation established by Govt. of India under Ministry of social justice & Empowerment in 1992 as a registared society under Society Registration Act 1860.
The main objectives of Foundation includes implementation of programms & activites for furthering ideology and message of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar among the masses of India & Abrood.

The foundation is entrusted with the work of
1. Setting up of Dr. Ambedkar National centre @ Janpath.
2. Setting up of Dr. Ambedkar Memorial @ 26 Alipur Road New Delhi.

Main Activities Of Foundations

1. Publication of collected works of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar into Hindi and other languages.

Translation & publication of writting & speeches of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar complied and published by GOM is being translated and published by Foundation in Hindi & other Indian languages.

The Progrees of publication is
Vol.1-21 – Published.
Vol. 22-25 – Maniscript are ready for printing.
Vol. 26-30 – In process of editing.

Note :-The cost of complete set of vol. 1-21 is available @ Rs. 745/-only and is available on Foundation Adress

B) Marathi – The work of Publication in Marathi laungauge is assigned to Government of Maharashtra.
C) Other Langauges – Part Publications in 7 languges (Bengli, Gujrathi, Mallyalum, Oriya, Punjabi, Tamil, & Urdu) is done.

2. Dr. Ambedkar National Relif to SC victims of Atrocities.

The scheme is in the nature of contigency arrangement to provide instant relief to the victimes of heineous offences of atrocities.
The state or District Administration has to submit proposal to Foundation in prescribed format. The Foundation can also suo moto take action. The relief is upto Rs.5.0 lakh paid to each person on approval of Chairperson of foundation.

3. Dr. Ambedkar chair in Universities / Institution for carrying out research on thoughts and ideals of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.

&student to undertake studies & research with an intension to understand, asses and disseminate ideals & thoughts of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar.
It can also organise seminars, symposians, workshop & other similar academic activites to achive the objectives. The activities of chair are monitored, reviewed and funded by Foundation.

4. Dr. Ambedkar National Merit Award scheme for meritorious students of

i) Secondary School Examination.
National Merit awards for secondary school is given to first 3 students (SC & ST seperatly) which are standing highest in each SSC board The special merit awards are also given to selected SC & ST students (Maharashtra-SC-10 & ST-7) of each state next to these there students. These are all one time Awards.
The amount of award :- For 1st highest student is Rs.60000/-, 2nd –Rs.50,000/-, 3rd – Rs.40000/- & girl student-Rs. 40000/- The amt of special award is Rs-10000/-

Mode of Selection :- Within 15 days of declaring results, SSC, board shall send details of students (Name, Address, percentage marks, school last attended, nearest bank etc.) in prescribed format to foundation with a copy to concerned secratory of state Govt. The state Govt. has to verify the details & send it to Foundation within 15days.

Disbursement :- Upon reciept of it, the Foundation distributes the award directly to students.

ii) Senior Secondary School Examination.
National Merit Awards for Senior Secondary School is given is first 3 students (belonging to SC only) which one standing highest in each senior secondary boards in each stream ie Arts, Commerce, Science (With Maths) &Science (with Biology) The Special Merit awards after these position is given to 3 girl students in each stream separately. These are all one time Awards The details of Awards are

Awards Science Arts Commerce
With Maths With Biology
Ist Highest 60,000 60,000 60,000 60,000
IInd  Highest 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000
IIIrd  Highest 40,000 40,000 40,000 40,000
Special Merit Awards for girls.(3Nos) 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000

Mode of selection and Disbursement :- same as that of Secondary School Examination

5. Dr. Ambedkar Award for social understanding & upliftment of weaker sections.

Award is conferred on individual/ Organisations on the basis of published work or mass movement and also efforts made towards intergrating weaker sectors in main stream and working for social economic, education upliment.
One Award per year of Rs. 10.0 lakh and citation is given.

6. Dr. Ambedkar intertnational Award for social change.

The award is confered on individuals/ organisation who have done outstanding work for
a) For waging an exempletory fight aginst inequality & justice.
b) For resolutely exposing the cause of exploited and under previlaged.
c) For contributing significantly to social change.
d) For bringing out reconcillation among collecting groups & serving the ideal of social harmony & human digrity.
Award is of Rs. 15 lakh and citation.

7) Dr. Ambedkar Foundation National Essay Compititation.

To enourge students to write on social issues of Dr. Ambedkar on Fundamental issues like social Justice, removal of Unforuhability inequality & distrimination Caste based prejudices.
Social Democrary National integration, Communal Harmony etc.

a) Eligibility:- i) School – 9th to 12th class ii) College – colleges/ Univercities/ institutions
b) Med. :-English and Hindi
c) Limit of words :– for school- 2000 words & for colleges – 3500 words
d) Topics :- Each year topics are selected based on Dr. Ambedkar thought.
e) Prizes :- Three prizes for each langauges are given for school & College Seperatly

langaueges College School
I Prize II Prize III Prize I Prize II Prize III Prize
Hindi 1,00,000 50,000 25,000 25,000 15,000 10,000
English 1,00,000 50,000 25,000 25,000 15,000 10,000

f) Entry form & bonafide certificate is available on website
g) Publicity :- Normally the anouncment is made in Months of June Every year in leading national news papers and on website-

Click here for website:

Click here for website:

h) Application be addresd to :- Supersribe enevelope with Dr. Ambedkar Foundation National Essay Competitation (year) and send it by Registered Speed post. to

Chief Professor,
Dr. Ambedkar chair of legal studies & Research/ Department of Law, Alligarh, Muslim University. Alligarh-202002 (U. P.)

This year (2015) the topics selected are.
i) School – Dr. B. R. Ambedkar views on : Education & Empowerment of Youth.
ii) College – Ensuring Entitelements in Welfare economics : Thoughts and ideas of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar
The last date of receipt of entries – 31.8.2015

8. Publication of Samajik Nyay Sandesh-

Monthly magzine in Hindi. on the thoughts and ideals of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar is published by foundation.The magazine is available @ Annual Subscription of Rs. 100/- Bi annual @ Rs. 180/- & Triannual @ Rs. 250/-

9. Organising seminars, symposia, conferences, workshop, lectures, exhibitions & fairs on life & Mission Dr. Ambedkar.

The Details of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation are.

Ph. No
Fax no
15, Janpath Road, New Delhi-110001
011-23320571, 23320576
011- 23320582